Why CertAI?
Because our clients deserve state-of-the art

The CertAI framework combines world-class expertise in risk management, certification & standardization and AI research reflecting the current state-of-the-art AI applications.

We have developed a systematic method to improve trust in AI. Our framework incorporates: 

  • Recent and trusted publications/guidelines by institutions such as:
    • the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany (BSI)
    • the European Commission
    • the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on AI (52 AI experts appointed by the European Commission)
    • Fraunhofer IAIS

  • Standards & norms (ISO/IEC, DIN) 
  • Accredited schemes for product certification and inspection 
  • Wide-spread and recognized AI methodologies, such as CRISP-DM
CertAI Assessment Framework

Deep experience in Trustworthy AI

We’ve brought together three best-of-breed teams to make this happen. CertAI leverages Munich Re's DNA in Risk Management and internal AI evaluation competence, Fraunhofer IAIS as a leading institute for application-oriented research in the field of AI and CertX as a Swiss functional safety and cyber security certification specialist which is globally accredited. Together we help you to navigate the complex world of AI. Fraunhofer IAIS is the technical partner of CertAI in creating the Trustworthy AI framework. It supports definition and operationalization of quality requirements and ensures that AI assessments meet the latest state of research and development. CertX contributes with their professional hands-on experience in all new technology segments, including AI, of the Testing-Inspection-Certification industry. They co-develop our products and evaluation methodology by bringing international standards and assessment requirements and are an integral part of our service delivery.
Deep experience in Trustworthy AI
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Is my AI at risk?

Our cataloge of Trustworthy AI dimensions allows us to assess your AI system on the process, technical, and implementation levels. We help you to provide your users, employees and customers a Trustworthy AI experience.