What is Trustworthy AI?
Your key to confidence

Following the definition of a high-level expert group on artificial intelligence initiated by the European Commission, Trustworthy AI is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Lawfulness
  2. Ethics
  3. Robustness

CertAI's Trustworthy AI assessments help you to ensure your systems follow the rules outlined by this group. All stakeholders (developers, users, customers, regulatory authorities, etc) can rely on this quality statement. 

Be aware of the importance of human involvement in AI systems

If AI is being used in relation to human resource topics, it is imperative that unjustified discrimination is not incumbent in the system. The potential for negative impact to a company’s brand and reputation could be huge. Checks and balances need to include a catch point where a human regularly reviews the automation and decides whether  AI driven decisions are appropriate. Involvement of all relevant stakeholders (employer, employee representatives, AI experts, legal, etc.) ensures the acceptance of such AI systems. A cybersecurity policy and practice should always go hand-in-hand with the use of AI tools to protect data privacy and security.

As you can see, Trustworthy AI is important to everyone, but specific industries and use cases will focus on different aspects of this topic.

Be aware of the importance of human involvement in AI systems
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Why should you care about Trustworthy AI?

Artificial Intelligence  opens up a world of possibilities. Along with that many new challenges arise that organizations may not be prepared to face.
Bias & discrimination
Does the AI application impact decisions that could result in unethical choices being made?
Checks & balances
Is human oversight built into your governance process for AI?
Privacy & security
Do AI applications open new opportunities for bad actors to access data worth protecting?
Does the AI application work as intended with sufficient levels of reliability for the task defined?

Is your AI system at risk?

Our solutions identify potential risks, enabling you to keep your AI system trustworthy depending on the critical risk levels defined by the EU.  
Trustworthy AI risk levels
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Trustworthy AI risk levels
Source: Opinion of the Data Ethics Commission, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, Berlin 2019

Is my AI at risk?

Our cataloge of Trustworthy AI dimensions allows us to assess your AI system on the process, technical, and implementation levels. We help you to provide your users, employees and customers a Trustworthy AI experience.