Trustworthy AI Governance Seal:
Risk mitigation in your governance and IT infrastructure.

Recognised and effective.

CertAI's Governance Seal applies our Trustworthy AI standard to your governance, IT infrastructure, rights & rules management, organisational skills and overall operational  processes. It is a fast and effective first step for your organization to show your mastery of Trustworthy AI frameworks. You will execute a user-friendly assessment with guidance from CertAI. Contact our team to receive your quote.

The CertAI Trustworthy AI seals
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How your business benefits:

Higher sales conversion
Reassure your clients that your company puts Trustworthy AI into practice
Obtain operational excellence
Scale your AI deployment with confidence and ensure compliance underpinned by Trustworthy AI processes.
Boost your reputation
Be part of it! Joining our group of Trustworthy AI supporters means the quality of your work is widely recognized!


Trustworthy AI Governance Seal Trustworthy AI Expert Seal
Duration 1 week 4 weeks
End-to-end AI processes
IT infrastructure, processes and skills
Roles & Responsibilities
Risk Management
Access to Munich Re's renowned industry experts
Use case specific
AI model performance tests with real data
High-touch involvement of AI experts
Proactive knowledge transfer
Risk heat map
Expert heat map
Mitigation Recommendations Focused Comprehensive

Just a few steps away from a CertAI quality seal

Intro call (30 mins)
Let us profile the specific needs of your organization
Assessment execution (1 week)
Our experts will support you
Presentation of quality seal
Receive your digital seal and our recommendations

Is my AI system at risk?

Ensure you have Trustworthy AI by executing our recognized assessments.