Trustworthy AI Expert Seal: Risk mitigation for your AI model

Comprehensive. Use case specific. Actionable.

Mitigate your use case specific risk to deploy and scale your AI with the confidence of the Trustworthy AI Expert seal. This assessment examines the whole lifecycle of your AI. 

You will receive the Trustworthy AI Expert Seal, a risk heatmap specific to your AI product and a tailored expert report. You have the right to display the seal on your website and marketing collateral. Contact our team to receive your quote.

The CertAI Trustworthy AI seals
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How your business benefits:

Develop a competitive advantage
Ensure your AI operates as intended, does not give you unwelcome surprises and delivers the maximum business impact
Convince your clients and investors
Persuade your stakeholders to trust your product. The recognised CertAI Expert Seal enables growth and confidence.
Join the Leaders of Trustworthy AI
Be recognized as part of a group of advanced AI experts that shape the industry and adopt AI at the scale it deserves.


Trustworthy AI Governance Seal Trustworthy AI Expert Seal
Duration 1 week 4 weeks
End-to-end AI processes
IT infrastructure, processes and skills
Roles & Responsibilities
Risk Management
Access to Munich Re's renowned industry experts
Use case specific
AI model performance tests with real data
High-touch involvement of AI experts
Proactive knowledge transfer
Risk heat map
Expert heat map
Mitigation Recommendations Focused Comprehensive

Just a few steps away from a CertAI quality seal

Scoping Workshop (1 day)

We will profile the specific needs of your organization and use case
Assessment execution (aprox. 4 weeks)

Adapted to best fit your needs
Supported by our specialists
Presentation of expert report and risk heatmap and quality seal
In a final workshop you will receive our expert recommmendations, your report, your risk heatmap and seal

Is my AI system at risk?

Ensure you have Trustworthy AI by executing our recognized assessments.