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CertAI's Trustworthy AI solution gives you confidence in your AI applications and delivers trust.

Empowering your business -
CertAI Trustworthy AI Assessment

CertAI’s primary goal is to enable every company to develop, use or purchase Trustworthy AI systems for their business success. By providing transparency of the quality of AI systems, we build trust in this technology, empower decision makers- and accelerate sales cycles. Our approach guides you for selecting the relevant dimensions of Trustworthy AI, performing the assessment and coming up with reasonable and reliable results. And all of this specific to your use cases and individual needs. 

Now with a clear statement about the compliance of your AI application to the CertAI framework, you’re ready to share this information. The assessment report can be shared with your clients to show that Trustworthy AI is not only important to you, but reviewed by an independent expert. Additionally, our Trustworthy AI Assessment can pave the way for internal decision making or prove validity for audits. There are two levels of assessments available depending on your organization’s needs.

Empowering your business - CertAI Trustworthy AI Assessment
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Assessment Assessment Premium
Kickoff workshop X X
Assessment steps
Assessment survey X X
AI System Review
Processes X X
Metrics X X
Expert interviews X X
Tailored to your use cases X X
Tailored to industry risk categories X X
Target intervals
Tailored to your use cases X
Compared to industry risk levels X
Prepare for regulatory compliance X
Structured evaluation of AI X X
Summary report & recommendations X X
Quality seal of performance X X

How your business benefits from CertAI solutions

Make better business decisions
A Trustworthy AI system will help you to make the right decisions for your business success
Increase transparency & credibility
Prove your reliability and trustworthiness to your business environment
Satisfy regulatory guidelines
Meet requirements for regulations and prepare your AI for future standards

How does it work?

CertAI works with you every step of the way, beginning with an onsite workshop to gain hands on interaction with your team to understand your specific AI use cases.
CertAI Trustworthy AI  Assessment process
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CertAI Trustworthy AI Assessment process

Is my AI at risk?

Our cataloge of Trustworthy AI dimensions allows us to assess your AI system on the process, technical, and implementation levels. We help you to provide your users, employees and customers a Trustworthy AI experience.