The CertAI Trustworthy AI Standard.

The CertAI Standard makes Trustworthy AI actionable

Trustworthy AI is a complex, interdisciplinary topic and the current regulation landscape remains in flux. CertAI is the first company to combine a high quality trustworthiness standard with an assessment focused on ease of implementation and grounded in technical depth. Our core principles are a strong focus on risk mitigation and delivering tangible business results. We took a deep dive into cutting-edge AI research to define and understand the relevant dimensions of Trustworthy AI. We then translated our findings into such concrete steps that the concept and our standard become actionable for our clients. 

We strongly believe that all AI applications should follow our Trustworthy AI principles. Why? Simply because only AI you can trust delivers you the business impact you need and at the scale that gives you a competitive advantage. CertAI contributes by offering a comprehensive yet easy to implement standard and audit.

Business oriented
Coming from leading science, but delivering real business impact. Actionable and effective.
Risk Management focus
Understanding the risk for your specific use case means you can make informed business decisions.
The teams of Munich Re and Frauenhofer IAIS combine globally recognized expertise in
risk management and AI.

The CertAI Trustworthy AI Standard covers all
AI risk levels

We made our standard actionable by translating our principles into concrete operational checks

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Immediately available
Business oriented
Actionable (Granular Guidance)
Comprehensive across all 6 Dimensions
Standardized audit

Use case specific. Comprehensive. Actionable

We bridge the gap between advanced science and business’ operational needs. How? We defined the concept of Trustworthy AI across six dimensions that can be evaluated with corresponding comprehensive questions and tests. These questions are so concrete that the implementation of Trustworthy AI is finally actionable. The guiding principles of our standard have been applied across all six dimensions.
Security & Safety
Autonomy & Control

Rooted in scientific research, built for business results

We know that developing a competitive advantage in AI is an important differentiator for our clients. We therefore analyzed the latest scientific research and extrapolated a Trustworthy AI framework that is both in-depth and practical, yet actionable. CertAI’s contribution is to bridge the gap between theoretical science and the concreteness needed for day to day operations. 

EU Regulations

  • EU AI Act
  • GDPR
  • ALTAI Assessment List for Trustworthy AI, published by the High Level Expert Group on AI
  • AIC4 Catalog AI Cloud Service Compliance Criteria Catalog


  • AIMS International Standard for AI Management System (under development by ISO)
  • Singapore

Industry Organization

  • VDE
  • IEEE

Standard Organization

  • ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 International Standard for Conformity
  • ISO/IEC 17065:2012 International Standard for Conformity Assessment
  • ISO/IEC 23894 International Standard for AI Risk Management (under development by ISO)
  • ISO/IEC 31000:2018 International Standard for Risk Management
  • ISO/IEC 38500:2015 International Standard for governance of IT for the organization
  • ISO/IEC 9000 series Series of International Standards for Quality Management Systems

Research Institutes

  • Fraunhofer Prüfkatalog

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