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of global executives do not have confidence in AI-based decisions and outputs.
Accenture study: “Ready. Set. Scale”, 2020

We are your Trustworthy AI Partner

At CertAI, a Munich Re venture, we have made Trustworthy AI our mission. We strongly believe trustworthiness is essential for AI to mitigate risk, to be compliant and to scale. We have made Trustworthy AI actionable: our assessments are straightforward to implement and our seals prove your expertise and ability to scale AI across your business.

Trustworthy AI mitigates risk.

Industry examples where AI went wrong:

The CertAI Trustworthy AI seals

Join our group of AI leaders by obtaining our seals. We offer two distinguished assessments, both based on our Trustworthy AI standard:
The Trustworthy AI Governance Seal assesses your governance, rights & rules, IT infrastructure and the necessary skills in your organization. The Trustworthy AI Expert Seal recognizes you as an AI industry leader through a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your AI governance and complete product. 
In addition to the seal, we provide you with a risk heatmap and an expert report tailored to your specific use case. 

The CertAI Trustworthy AI seals
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Trustworthy AI Governance Seal Trustworthy AI Expert Seal
Main focus Check of AI processes, governance, roles & responsibilties Use case specific AI model deep dive & risk management
Duration 1 week 4 weeks
Assessment Type Validated Self Assessment Monitored and supported by our experts
Access to Munich Re's risk specialists
Model- and data- specific testing
Risk overview as heat map
Expert report tailored to your use case
Mitigation recommendations Comprehensive
Recognised quality seal and assessment
Explore Trustworthy AI Governance seal Explore Trustworthy AI Expert Seal

Tackle uncertainty. Reap the rewards.


Take control of your reputation - mitigate risks!

What do you do when your complex AI system fails in real-world deployment? If you’re not prepared, the consequences can be disastrous. A quality assessment lets you preempt and mitigate risky outcomes. With this proactive approach you can sell your AI success story instead of doing damage control. 


Make regulatory compliance your advantage

The proposed European AI Act ands its legal framework for trustworthy AI lead the way in a future wave of AI regulation. Now is the time to stay one step ahead of legal restrictions (and your competitors) by ensuring that your AI use case follows responsible implementation and governance.

Boost Sales

Boost sales through trust in your AI

A quality seal lets the integrity of your AI product shine. You’ll have the proof you need to demonstrate the trustworthiness of your system and optimize internal & external sales.

Is my AI system at risk?

Ensure you have Trustworthy AI by executing our recognized assessments.